Meet Erica Harris

Dr Erica Harris has been sharing her story of cancer, transplants, single motherhood, and a new-found lease of life after receiving just sixty days to live.

Meet Amber Forte

Professional air-sports athlete, Amber Forte, stands in the mountains of Norway

“My happiness today, depends on my ability to create experiences and memories in the way I dream of – tomorrow, next week, next month and for the rest of my life. In order to do this, I need my health.”

Meet Kate Fitzpatrick

CLINUVEL Ambassador, Kate Fitzpatrick sits in her garden, shaded from the sun

“When I was diagnosed with skin cancer last year, I felt like I just wanted to hide inside forever. But I have a life to live… So, I still go outside, I just cover up and pay attention to how long I’m out in the sun.”

Meet Matt Heywood

CLINUVEL Ambassador Matt Heywood stands in front of the UK's stunning peak district, wearing reflective sunglasses

“A mole smaller than a five pence piece to Stage 3 melanoma of the lymph glands. The highs and lows as your life holds in the balance of test results and diagnosis… I waited too long to get seen.”

Meet Lena Weißkichel

A close-up of professional sailor, Lena Weißkichel, wearing reflective sunglasses

“As a fulltime sailor, I am aware of the impact light has on my skin. I am super excited to share more information with you and to raise awareness about it!”

Meet Espen Fadnes

“The sun, its angle, and direction, matter a lot for my safety when I jump off a mountain… As a full-time wingsuit base-jumper, I end up being rather light obsessed!”

Meet Paula Novotna

“Light is my energy, it is my fuel… I spend every day outside doing extreme sports and I need to be very cautious. Understand the full impact of light exposure on your skin and how to protect yourself.”