Amber is a world record-holding skydiver, stunt performer, and the first female member of Norway’s national wingsuit team. She’s also a CLINUVEL Ambassador. Consistently pushing herself to the limit, she has overcome several life-changing injuries, including a shattered kneecap, a broken back and a broken thigh bone. Not one to let her injuries stop her, Amber continues to set the bar for women’s air sports, coaching a new generation and setting herself apart as one of the world’s most inspiring female athletes.

Amber’s skin-type allows her to spend a lot of time outdoors without ever experiencing typical sunburn, which often means that she forgets to protect herself from solar exposure. Since becoming a CLINUVEL Ambassador, she has realised that despite being meticulous about her safety on jumps, she has not been at all cautious with her skin!

Amber has joined us as an ambassador to help us raise awareness. She’s adding her story to the wider conversation and helping us to spread sound, evidence-based information, in the hope of inspiring others to change their behaviour around sun safety.

My happiness today, depends on my ability to create experiences and memories in the way I dream of – tomorrow, next week, next month and for the rest of my life. In order to do this, I need my health.

I have not experienced skin cancer, but I do know what it is like to experience a life changing injury. Therefore, I recommend that if you have the chance today, you should protect yourself against skin cancer and secure your future memories.

Amber asked the Light Skin Science…

How can I find out if I already have skin cancer?

Make sure you are familiar with the look and texture of your skin. This will allow you to notice any developing changes and prompt you to seek medical advice quickly. Pay particular attention to moles, lesions, and sunspots. Optimal sun-safe behaviour requires a combination of efforts on your part. These include appropriate clothing, limiting your exposure to solar radiation, and, where possible, using topical photoprotective skincare.

Disclaimer: The information given in response to CLINUVEL Ambassador questions was correct at the time of posting. The information provided on this website is of a general nature and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult your doctor if you have a concern about your health.