Lena is a full-time sailor and CLINUVEL Ambassador, currently in training for the next Olympic Games. Hers is a life lived outdoors, whether she’s managing sailing campaigns, fundraising, or coaching others who want to learn to sail professionally.

Lena’s parents were always very conscientious about protecting her from solar radiation and she has grown up knowing that to keep her skin safe, she should cover up and use photoprotective skincare when sailing. She even sees solar protection as an important performance factor; explaining that when her body is recovering from sunburn, she has less energy for her sport.

Lena wants to use her platform and status within the sailing community to make sure those most at risk are better informed about solar safety. By becoming a CLINUVEL Ambassador, she is helping to ensure that the next generation of sailors know how to enjoy the sun, without getting burned by it.

I personally love a blue sky and warm weather; add some wind and you get what we call champagne conditions! As an athlete living in Northern Europe, I can say from experience that a day full of warm sunlight gives you way more energy and motivation than a cold and rainy day… As a fulltime sailor, I am aware of the impact light has on my skin. I am super excited to share more information with you and to raise awareness about it!

Is the risk of sunburn reduced if you’re tanned?

When your skin is exposed to UV radiation, it produces more melanin, the substance that gives your skin pigmentation. It is the body’s way of protecting skin cells from damage. This is why your skin begins to darken (or ‘tan’) when it has been exposed to sunlight. However, it is only around 65% effective at blocking the erythema induced by UV rays. Optimal photoprotection can be achieved by practising sun-safe behaviour (covering up where possible, and limiting your exposure to solar radiation), alongside using topical photoprotective skincare.

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