Matt is a CLINUVEL Ambassador and interior designer in the heart of the UK’s Peak District. When he’s not crafting dream spaces for clients, he can usually be found hiking in the breath-taking landscape around his home.

Just over a year ago, Matt was diagnosed with Stage 2 melanoma – the most invasive type of skin cancer – which, during those first few months, progressed to Stage 3. He has had numerous operations and is still undergoing treatment, but, if anything, that has simply made him more determined to live with unapologetic positivity.  In the months since his diagnosis, Matt has been busy taking on challenges outdoors to raise money for Melanoma Focus and raising awareness through his social media channels.  

Matt has become a CLINUVEL Ambassador because he believes that by helping people understand how they can protect themselves from solar damage, he can also help lower the rates of skin cancer worldwide.

A mole smaller than a five pence piece to Stage 3 melanoma of the lymph glands. The highs and lows as your life holds in the balance of test results and diagnosis. From being told I was going to be ok, to a “we regret to inform” you conversation. Over 30 hospital trips, four lots of surgery, learning to reuse my arm, the pain and the discomfort. Seeing your family struggle watching as you walk into the unknown. All this caused by a lack of awareness, lack of understanding and self-neglect, I waited to long to get seen.

Matt asked Light Skin Science…

Is it ok to be directly exposed to solar radiation for short periods of time without protection?

Repeated exposure to short, high-intensity episodes of UV radiation may eventually cause errors in DNA repair, increasing the risk of skin cancer. To optimise your protection from solar radiation, combine topical photoprotective skincare with sun-safe behaviour. This includes covering up wherever possible and reducing your exposure as much as you can.

Disclaimer: The information given in response to CLINUVEL Ambassador questions was correct at the time of posting. The information provided on this website is of a general nature and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult your doctor if you have a concern about your health.