Jonathan Ferguson is a photographer with a passion for travel. However, his health hasn’t always been picture-perfect. In 2020, Jonathan was in search of a liver donor, having been diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) – a chronic liver disease. Jonathan had lost significant weight, was jaundiced, and lying in a hospital bed. Salvation came in the form of his brother who donated 67% of his own liver to him and Jonathan began a new life as a transplant recipient.  

Due to being immunocompromised, Jonathan now takes a daily cocktail of medications to keep his body from fighting against itself, whilst also protecting him from other external threats. With his immune system being supressed, and the development of vitiligo as his health deteriorated pre-transplant, Jonathan recognises the risks he faces from everyday life, one being skin cancer. 

Jonathan became a CLINUVEL Ambassador to spread his message of awareness and safety whilst he enjoys life travelling with his wife and capturing the world around him on film. We were lucky enough to talk with Jonathan and hear about the whirlwind that was the past two years.

“I continued to travel and live life to its fullest, knowing I could only have a few years left. And if I had a few years left, what am I going to do with my life? What are my passions? So I kept taking photos and doing the things that I love.”