Dr Erica Harris has been sharing her story of cancer, transplants, single motherhood, and a new-found lease of life after receiving just sixty days to live. Erica has successfully cultivated a social media following of fellow fighters and survivors, passionate philanthropists and those wanting to spread positivity.

Erica has delivered motivational speeches via TEDx and built upon her passion for wellness with her Rise Today project where she imparts her wealth of life experience as an empowered mindset wellness expert.

To date, Erica has been gifted ten years and twenty-eight days since her prognosis and hasn’t wasted a moment, filling her time with her sons, family and experiences a plenty.

Erica has been working with us at Light Skin Science to share the message of sun safety and photoprotection and now, has shared her story directly with us. Erica was kind enough to speak with us about her life pre and post diagnosis – but why have us tell her story, when you can hear it straight from her!

“Life is short. Maximise the gift of today, and every day, however you possibly can. Be proactive. Be educated in your own health and wellness.”

Dr. Erica Harris

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