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CLINUVEL have worked tirelessly for over 25 years to understand the effects of solar radiation on human biology. Light Skin Science is sharing this wealth of knowledge with those most at risk, giving a voice to those who need to be heard, and translating the science of light for the accessibility of all.

Our Focus

Achieving a healthy balance, when it comes to solar exposure, is the most important thing you can do to protect your skin. Many factors determine whether you are at high risk from photodamage, including genetics, lifestyle, habits, and geographical location. Understanding these factors can help you to reduce your risk of DNA damage and skin cancer.


Around 3% of the global population have a weakened immune system, affecting the body’s ability to repair skin damage caused by light. Light Skin Science, backed by the global authority in photomedicine, CLINUVEL, can give you a better understanding of the science behind immunosuppression, solar radiation damage, and photoprotection, helping you to achieve a healthier balance.

Skin Cancer Susceptible

Those of us with a personal or familial history of skin cancer are at an increased risk. This is often due to a combination of genetics, lifetime exposure to broad spectrum light and UV, and lifestyle. Understanding the risks you take can help you take control and find the right balance when it comes to broad spectrum light exposure.  

Extreme Outdoors

Sports, travel, exploration – our desire to compete, take on challenges and experience new things sees us spending more and more time in the great outdoors. The physical and mental health benefits are huge. However, the challenges of global warming and insufficient solar protection mean the outdoor adventurer is perhaps at greater risk of skin cancer than ever before. CLINUVEL is dedicated to helping you understand the full impact of light exposure on your skin, giving you the tools you need to protect yourself from solar damage.  

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