About Us

CLINUVEL is the global authority on the interaction between light and human biology. Driven by 25 years of research and development, we are revolutionising the understanding of solar radiation and its impact on our health. 

Our mission is to develop innovative technologies and solutions for unmet patient and healthcare needs, including individuals at the most extreme risk from light exposure.

CLINUVEL pioneered the development of the world’s first systemic, photoprotective drug and is working to help individuals worldwide who are affected by light. 

The aim of Light Skin Science is to reduce the increasing risk of skin cancer globally and to improve population health worldwide.

Our Heritage


CLINUVEL are pioneers in medicinal photoprotection, having created the only pharmaceutical technology to truly protect human skin from light. We have changed the lives of people across the world suffering from rare, light-intolerant conditions.


Every problem is an opportunity for change. We’ve spent 25 years turning difficult questions into ground-breaking solutions, reimagining what has always been done, into what could be.


CLINUVEL want to turn our work into a better future, empowering everyone with the right information, and right products to drastically reduce their risk of solar damage. We are the global authority on photoprotection - and we’re just getting started.

Why Now?


Globally, skin cancer rates are on the rise. Solar exposure remains a leading factor, which means that many cases of skin cancer are preventable.


As experts on light and photoprotection, we want to share what we know: translating our research and technology into accessible, practical solutions for those at the highest risk.


With your help, we can bring about positive change and reshape our relationship with light. We are resolute in our belief that together we can stop global rates of skin cancer from rising and eventually reverse them.