Espen is a professional base-jumper, skydiver, videographer and CLINUVEL Ambassador. Passionate about air-sports, he divides his time between representing Norway in competitions and coaching the next generation of athletes.  

Having experienced third-degree burns as a child during a hiking expedition on Mont Blanc du Tacul, Espen is very aware of how solar exposure can impact his health. However, despite that experience, he admits that he hasn’t always done enough to keep himself safe.  

Espen has become a CLINUVEL Ambassador to raise awareness about the importance of solar protection amongst those who enjoy being outside.  He has changed his behaviour and by sharing his story, in conjunction with the 25 years of R&D that underpins Light Skin Science, he is hoping to inspire change on a larger scale.  

The sun, its angle, and direction, matters a lot for my safety when I jump off a mountain. Through the day, the sun heats up the earth and causes winds. These winds can be used for my advantage, or without knowledge, be dangerous. Very similar to how our skin may be affected after a day in the sun, it can be healthy to be affected by light, or it can be disastrous. As a full-time wingsuit base-jumper, I therefore end up being rather light obsessed!

Espen asked the Light Skin Science team…

How often should I inspect my skin?

We should all be incorporating skin checks into our routines, as this allows us to spot developing changes early. The regularity of these checks depends on your skin type, medical history, and lifestyle. For advice tailored to your personal circumstances, your doctor is always best placed to give you the correct guidance.

Disclaimer: The information given in response to CLINUVEL Ambassador questions was correct at the time of posting. The information provided on this website is of a general nature and should not be considered medical advice. Always consult your doctor if you have a concern about your health.