Brett Harris

For the last four weeks, we’ve been challenging our wider community to tell us their ‘Untold Story of Light.’ We’ve been delighted with the response; beautiful images with thought-provoking captions, proving that light means something different to all of us.

We chose one finalist a week for a month and let our CLINUVEL Ambassadors pick the winner. Below, you can see Brett’s incredible image and read what he wrote to accompany it.

Light is always one of the most important considerations to take into the mountains. Higher temperatures during the most light-intense periods of the day can lead to much more dangerous conditions when travelling through the mountains. At higher elevations, where the radiation from the sun is most intense, the sun can damage your eyesight, sap the water and energy from your body, and leave you physically crushed and tired for the most dangerous part of the day, descent. In these conditions, just one application of sunscreen is not nearly enough. Though, I was keen to the effects of the sun even before I started going into the mountains. As someone already predisposed to more damage to the sun, with blue eyes, fair skin, and a mother who developed type 2 melanoma, I knew I needed to do everything I can to minimize my exposure. Protecting myself with sun hoodies, hats, face coverings, and glasses are the minimum precautions I take before any big adventures because my life very well may depend on it.

Brett Harris

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