Photoageing Myths

Photoageing is defined as; “Premature ageing of the skin due to long-term exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet radiation.” Humans have known they need to protect their skin from solar exposure for thousands of years. In fact, the earliest evidence of this dates back to ancient Egypt, where people used natural ingredients as sunblock and invented […]

Threads to Prevent Skin Cancer

As time moves on and research reveals more about how we can protect ourselves from solar damage, the tools in our photoprotective arsenal continue to grow. This includes our knowledge of how to identify changes to our skin as well as the evolving sophistication of clothes and how they can protect us.  

Sun Exposure and Photoprotection

Kitesurfers have been embracing the breeze since the 1970s, but this ocean pastime soared to the heights of competitive sport a little over a decade ago. The authors of this research aimed to identify kitesurfers’ habits and knowledge regarding sun safety.

Photoprotection for skin of all colour

An overview of the current research around photoprotection and the implications for healthcare providers. This article was written by a panel of dermatologists and photobiologists.

Visible Light and the Skin, Ezekwe et al

Until now, research has focussed on UV radiation. This review set out to summarise the growing body of research on Visible Light and how it interacts with human skin.